• 19 Oct 2023
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Jira is a widely used bug tracking and project management tool developed by Atlassian. It provides a robust platform for development teams to track and manage issues, including bugs, tasks, and feature requests. Jira offers a versatile system for creating, assigning, and prioritizing issues, enabling teams to collaborate, monitor progress, and ensure the timely resolution of software defects. Its customizable workflows, extensive integrations, and reporting capabilities make it a valuable asset for agile development teams, helping them streamline their processes and improve overall project efficiency.

The Jira integration with pCloudy allows you to share the screenshot taken on pCloudy platform and assign or log your bug directly on your Jira workspace. Along with logging bugs, the user can also assign it to the right project and users to manage the bugs more effectively. All at the click of a button.

In order to use this feature effectively, make sure to fulfill these pre-requisites.

  • Jira Access
  • Valid pCloudy account


  1. Login to the pCloudy platform.
  2. Click on "Integration" or click on the Jira icon in the "Connect your Apps" section.
  3. Navigate to Jira and click on "Connect".
  4. This will take you to the permissions page, select the site for authorization and click on "Allow".
  5. Once you have updated the permissions, you will get a success notification on the pCloudy platform.
  6. You can then navigate to start page and connect to any available devices.
  7. You can click on screenshot to capture a 1x1 pixel of the screen and edit the screenshot using the pen tool to highlight bugs if any.
  8. You can then click on the "Mark as bug", select "Jira".
  9. You can write a message, attach the appropriate screenshots and assign it to the respective projects or colleagues listed in your workspace.

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